Driveway cleared- best place to find trade?

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Found 4th Mar
Our builders did a runner and our driveway is full of debris, I'm trying to find the best economical place to do.d a tradesman to clear it. Would you suggest myhammer or checkatrade, or somewhere else?

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my brother has used checkatrade and he has had no problems plus checkatrade send an email to 1 in every 3 ppl to c if trader is any good.

If the debris is piled up and access is pretty could get a grab lorry to take it

Type... Site clearance + (your location) in Google... You will find local companies that will clear it.

why not get a skip and do it yourself


if you have a lot of debris (more than 2 x 8m skips )pile it up ,so a grab wagon can reach it.will be alot cheaper

Chuck it over to the neighbour's side

rubbish clearance in local paper good place to start

make sure they are licensed



Chuck it over to the neighbour's side

yea,or move fence when they go out

contact the builders who have left it and tell them they have 48 hours to remove it
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