I have completed 40 driving lessons and my instructor still not happy to buk a test for me! in that case wat i can do ? any suggetions pls? any better offer around for lessons?croydon /gatwick area.


i thought you booked your own tests - maybe he doesnt feel that you are ready to take a test yet and is saving you from wasting your money - alternatively why dont you do a trial lesson at another firm and see if they think the same

i take it u have passed ur theory , i had the same problem , just go with another instructor tell them that u have been driving for a while and ask them how many more lessons u will need , some instructors will milk it just to make money from u

Agreed - do the theory test if not done already and try out another instructor - one that's recommended if possible :thumbsup:


make sure youve done your theory and then have a word with instructor if still not happy go elsewhere even aa or bsm for your last few lessons. all test centres in london are generally booked up 4 or sometimes more weeks in advance so worth making a plan

I was never loyal to my driving instructors. I don't see what you have to gain from it and a new one gives you slightly different techniques, some might work better for you than others.

When I first started driving I exploited every deal there was for new drivers till I'd tried 5 or 6 introductory offers.
Even when you could no longer pass for a newbie there were usually quite a few deals around, so take advantage of any that local instructors may have. I was surprised when one company even started haggling with me last year when I was ringing around for quotes which kinda caught me off guard cause I really hadn't even considered asking them if they could do me a better deal.

Anyway as others have already said book your practical test yourself and tell you're new instructor(s) it's already been booked so they know to begin preparing you for it. Mine did a few mock tests which really helped me.
But you really have to force the issue and tell them what you want. Good instructors will always want you to improve but bad ones seem happy to just let you drive in circles until you say something.

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Many thanks for each one of you for making time to help me with the valued comments.

I have passed my theory test long before and the instructor is aware of it but he keep on telling you have to take few more classes .... he seeems to be very experienced and a perfectionist , but I am also not bad with the driving i believe .

as few of you suggested i will try out with someone else too.

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