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Found 16th Sep 2017
Hi all, as the title suggests Im seeking advice on driving abroad. I have been on holiday a few times in the past and never really fancied driving overseas but the last couple of holidays it's starting to appeal to me to go further and see more.
I drive a lot of miles in my job, up and down the Uk and I would like to think I'm a reasonable driver. However, I don't feel confident about driving away abroad. Any books or websites I could look at? I have "had a google" but most sites I have found talk about how to prepare your car for overseas and not how to drive it when you get there.

Many thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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I really think you are over thinking it. You learn so many things before you pass your test that driving on the other side of the road takes all of 2 seconds to get used to. I've had a left hand drive car for nearly two years and when I bought it I pretty much instantly got used to it, just need to watch you road positioning especially at junctions.
Very easy. If driving on the right side and using a hire car just remember that the the passenger side is near the kerb and the driver side is near the white line. Make sure you always park on the side that you are traveling and never on the opposite side so when you return to your car you do not make a mistake.
Thanks for the replies,
I do drive a lot of miles in a variety of vehicles week in week out. Just this week I covered over 1200 miles.. however I just have this dread of getting it wrong and having or causing an accident. Especially with my "british" language skills. Only so far I can take talking slowly and loudly..
It depends where you are going, there will be local things you need to know but having driven thousands and thousands of miles the thing to learn is just changing gear with the other hand but get an automatic and there are no worries. Other things you can pick up as you go or by checking local pieces before hand.
It's nowhere near as daunting as people think. I would recommend buying a decent sat nav with up to date maps for the country you're going to, as it makes it so much easier. Also, if driving in France, it's worth googling the 'priority to the right' thing that still exists in a lot of villages and smaller towns.
Also, if hiring a car, make sure you check what the insurance covers you for, as it may cost you dearly if an accident is your fault.
I think it really depends on where you are travelling , I happily drive all over France,Belgium,,Netherlands which as mentioned above really does just take a little mental adjustment to drive on the other side of the road. Everything thing else in terms of road rules and driving courtesy are fairly much the same.
However there are countries that I travel to that I would not drive in eg Tunisia, Morrocco as the same rules of the road we use don't apply and it's literally everyone for themselves. Far too chaotic for me to try driving in
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I have driven many times in the USA. You adjust very quickly. I always switch my watch from my left wrist to my right wrist for the first day or two as makes me more aware of my right hand (kind of throws your equilibrium) and helps to remind me to drive on the right.
Whatever country you are driving in, familiarise yourself with the driving laws in that country such as speed limits or little quirks such as In the US you can often turn right at a red light.
Go to Cyprus. They know which side of the road to drive on.
Wear your watch on a different wrist as a reminder about driving on a different side of the road, it doesn't take long to get used to driving on the right.
Driving in europe is easy enough if you dont go to crazy cities like paris, rome. We drove through madrid at rush hour and it was nerve wrecking. As the driver is on the wrong side, it helps if you have someone with you when you overtake. Get a good satnav
Thanks everyone. I like the watch on the "wrong side" trick. A good memory aid.
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