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    I'm driving over to the in-laws this christmas instead of flying and taking the ferry from stranraer to belfast. I'm trying to plan out the route using the route planners on various websites but they're giving me wildly different driving times (but the same directions and distances?!?

    From NE22 5YN to DG9 8EJ and then from BT1 3AL to Castledermot in County Kildare.

    NE22 5YN to DG9 8EJ BT1 3AL to Castledermot
    163 miles 3h 15mins 150 miles 2h 41mins

    Google Earth
    174miles 4h 56mins 150 miles 3h 49mins
    163 miles 3h 37mins 150 miles 2h 41mins

    If you have a sat nav or know of a reliable web site can you try out the journey and let me know which (if any!) are correct. :?


    Well using TomTom I get

    NE22 5YN to DG9 8EJ = 3:42hrs - 172 miles

    For the second bit, I have the first post code fine, but cannot find Castledermot or County Kildare in my list, possibly as it does not have most if all Ireland details I am afraid.

    Original Poster

    So it looks like the average is about 3.5 hours for the first part of the journey.

    For the second part, I sometimes had to use Carlow as the destination, sorry I should have mentioned that. :oops:
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