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Found 11th Dec 2009
I am planning to start my driving lessons.
Any good Christmas deals for the Driving Lessons in West London Area?
Any recommendation on the driving school?
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LOL @ xmas deals...

Maybe they will do a january sales lol
Ask your friends etc for recommendations - and avoid Bill Plant at all costs :-) !!
As fro deals, there is no such thing unfortunately. Some of the bigger franchises often given the first lesson free but thats only when you pay for a one hour lesson and get the other hour gratis. But often thats only ever the first lesson which is all theory anyway and the keys wont even turn in the ignitions.

Others may do, pay for 9 and get the tenth free. But agin thats only usually the big franchises and only on your first lesson.

I also if you go somewhere like clintons, where they have a huge stack of gift cards, that you can get one for the AA driving school. For christmas maybe you could suggest to friends and family to buy you those?

Lastly, price shouldn't be you deciding factor. Speak with friends and family first and take their recommendations. If the instructor costs a an extra £2 per lesson, but he does a better job and passes you quicker then its money saved in the long run.

Just to rub salt into the wound a bit, it was £12 a lesson when I had mine. Makes me feel so old!
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