Driving Lesson deals wanted please...

    ....I have searched the site but can't find any up to date ones. If it makes any difference i live in Berkhamsted / Hemel Hempstead area.


    im 17 and just had my first lesson yesterday, best thing ti was free sorted out a 15% discount for all future lessons as well, as the website states you can go on to negotiate deal for future lessons upto 15%
    only thing i didnt expect was it was a woman who was her own company, just her so you may not got the big name driving schools such as BSM etc, but tbh the instructor is perfectly fine i think, the first lesson was non-obligatory to carry on with and they rang me to sort it out, was quite easy to find my instructor

    hope i've helped..

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    Thanks for that info. Can I ask how much are you paying for your lessons per hour?

    without discounts applied her prices are:

    £23 per hour lesson
    £105 for 5 hours
    £200 for 10 hours

    however shes her own company, so she can set her own prices, as its only her in her company noone else (based in leicester), so i cannot tell you the price your instructor may charge...

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    Thanks....worth a try because I'm sure they are all around the same price anyway. Getting a lesson free and 15% discount looks pretty decent

    yeh, they all around £20-25, apparantly slightly more expensive in london and manchester, but usually all around the same region of pricing

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    They were 9 quid an hour when I did mine...yikes!!!

    guessing you did yours about 10-15 possibly 20+ years ago though right?

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    guessing you did yours about 10-15 possibly 20+ years ago though right?

    Maybe :oops:

    haha had my 2nd lesson today got to 40mph in 3rd gear woooooop main roads are so much easier to drive on than built up housing areas


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    Bless! My daughter and son both want to learn and I said I pay for them. I don't envy you kids these days...WOW I sound sooooo old!

    haha, i have to pay for my own lessons and when i get a car i have to pay insurance, but my parents kindly going to pay for the car... i think, well hope so (they never made this bit clear haha) :P
    paid for 5 lessons yesterday cost £105. im doing better than i thought after only my 2nd lesson, next one i got is on monday hehe
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