Driving Lesson - Who the hell do I go with?

    I'm now looking for a driving instsuctor / school of motoring. I am unsure wether to go with a large company such as AA or BSM or RED or to go with an individual instructor.

    Had some poeople reccomended but also heard bad about some of the instructors. Some poeple saying go with big company some saying dont. My mates have had an even spread between the two really. Any advice appriciated and repped

    Cheers Bigpoppaad


    Go by personal recommendation.


    Go by personal recommendation.

    +1 Best way


    Go by personal recommendation.

    +1 - I'd always recommend an independent instructor.


    +1 - I'd always recommend an independent instructor.

    Absolutely, just book a trial lesson because you need to know you get on with the instructor... sometimes it just doesnt work

    independent instructors usually tend to be cheaper ask around get a couple of names and then as prev advised book just one lesson then if you dont get on you dont have to book anymore, you arent tied to the guy just coz you start learning with them.

    go for a independent - save yourself some money

    yeah i'd personally go independant too.

    If you have an NUS Extra card( or if you don't its £10 for one from your college) The AA have half price driving lessons (here it's around £15 for an hour or an hour and a half, i cant remember)

    A good independent, you are buying a service so don't base your decision on the lowest price per hour.

    Ask the instructor which DSA Grade they hold, they are graded 1 to 6, the higher the better. 6 being the best, make sure that you get a fully qualified instructor, many of the big companies employ trainee instructors.

    Good luck.:thumbsup:

    I very much agree with going by a personal recommendation as you want someone who can teach you to drive efficiently without trying to drag the whole process out. For the big motoring schools there's clearly going to be some variance in the instructors although I've not been impressed with any of the bigger companies here, their driving lessons seem more aimed at wringing as much money out of people rather than teaching them to drive well. Admittedly though I've seen a few independents who have been the same as well.


    BSM got to love their slogans on the cars We Won't fail you, you might not but the examiner taking the test might

    Red has 20% discount if booking lessons in blocks of 10, the lessons are normally £21 so that makes the lessons £16.80 (So very cheap, from what i have seen), also your firsty lesson is buy one get one free, so you could use that to see if you like the instructor, I think the offer runs out in 5 days




    Most of their instructors are trainee's.

    independant defiantely

    i used AA only cos they accepted credit card payment tho,having said that they were good and the focus cars u learn in are never older thatn 6 months old, i am easily pleased x



    Most of their instructors are tranee's.


    I went with BSM and my cousin went with a local recommendation.

    I had the instructor sit me down and talk through a little pamphlet that would detail my progress and take me through a few driving tricks to get me started followed by a steady progression lesson by lesson that resulted in me passing first time. My cousin's first lesson consisted of the instructor smoking, checking texts and telling him to 'put his foot down' as he drove around busy junctions with no previous experience completely bricking it, he ended up switching to my BSM instructor. Probably an isolated case.

    I vaguely remember him telling me about a way of telling what kind of level of training the instructor has by some kind of badge or symbol on the car, but this was five years ago so it's very vague. :roll:

    If you do go with a big company don't let them sting you with a package. Book just the number of lessons you need and not any of the crappy software or useless 'simulator' time they try to sell you.

    Lessons + ]this + ]this and ]this was all I needed.



    Whoops, well spotted.;-)
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