Driving Lessons

    I recently got the provisional license. Any recommendation for good and cheap driving sessions in West London area? Appreciate also voucher codes for free/discounted rates.
    I know how to drive very well , but require some practice and preparation for the test.


    Which area are you in?

    jeany123 :lol: you are too quick on these topics & beat me to my own post.

    hi kogonai hows your driving getting on


    Taking a chill pill. Applied for the Free AA lesson. Waiting for them to give a free session.

    Oh well shouldn't be long now then

    I hope not. :thumbsup:

    Hopefully the op makes the most of this offer too.

    Be very careful, we signed our son up to 10 lessons with AA as a trial, the instructor went on holiday in the middle of it and while he was away the office sent a bill for £1400...........he had decided that we were going to keep him on and had booked everything including the theory test, time in the office, you name it. After a long phone call to the office we cancelled completely.

    Oh no!! Thats not very good. But I guess you will have good & bad experiences with everyone.

    Original Poster Banned

    Thanks KOGONAI & jeany123. I signed up for the free driving lesson.
    I am in Ealing

    I got a call today & booked my free lesson for nothing. :lol:

    Whoo! Ealing! I'll have to look this one up. How'd it go for you guys?

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