Driving Lessons

    Hi guys!

    The wife is going to try and start driving fairly soon, so I have been searching arround for any decent offers. (We are in the Croydon area - S.London).

    All I have found so far is a few which offer a half-price 1st lesson (around £12.00) or 20 lessons for approx £400.00).

    If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated! (Quidco also welcome!!)

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi there
    £400 is quite good for 20hrs I live in the Yorkshire area and £20 ph is the going rate you would expect it to be more in London, so seems youve got a good deal already hope you find the best deals......:-

    Try this link.

    I learnt through Dave Miller (Bexleyheath) and they were really good. It may be cheaper to go for the intensive training option (which includes a test at the end).

    Good luck!
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