does any1 know of any good companies to take driving lessons with? I am a student.

Thanks a million.


Well I too am looking for who to take my driving lessons with as I have enough for block lessions now since ive cut back on other things. Only problem is am in same boat as you I don't know who is best to go with. I too am a student.

The only way you will both end up with a good instructor is through a recommedation.
Ask around uni/college and find out who other students have used.
Do not go with the "first 5 lessons for £xx" places as they tend to give you too many lessons in the end.
You should only need your age plus 3 in lessons on average.
Good luck

Lots of things to watch out for, but my recommendations are you go private - do not use AA or RAC or School of motoring - these big companies result in poor tutition and too many lessons.

Go private, look in the yellow pages if you must, but the best thing is word of mouth. Ask around.

It's also worth noting that I myself found 1.5 hour lessons the best for me, 2 hour lessons were too long and I lost concentration, while 1 hour didn't quite give me enough time to get into the swing of things.

Good luck! And watch out for my car!

I am learning with BSM at the moment, but 1st instructor was awful, 2nd is brilliant.

If you dont feel good at the end of your first lesson CHANGE INSTRUCTOR! I love driving now (had 4 lessons) but after the first I hated it!

I have 2 hour lessons and the time just flys by! If you have one 2 hour lesson a week you learn quicker than two 1 hour lessons a week. You dont waste time travelling to and from somewhere twice (especially at first when instructor drives you there and then you swop) you also dont waste as much time going through the basics you have forgotten since your last lesson
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