Driving lessons and paying upfront.

Posted 8th Jul 2009
Just a quickie, my cousin has just rang and they are booking in for their driving, great, however the instructor want's all the money up front when she starts tomorrow.
I feel a bit uncomfortable with this, I mean what if the instructor goes out of business or something. You are talking £500 odd upfront cash here.........
Now it's been a decade or so, but back then practice was pay as you go, not all upfront, so is this normal practice now, or should she proceed with caution?
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When I was learning, I paid in blocks of 10. (Around £200 at the time - 2 years ago). I think this is common practice as this is what most of my friends did but with other instructors.
depends who you go with

i had a problem with my instructor and deceided to change ,he refused to refund me what he owed which was 80 odd quid and sent me a cheque for 1 lesson when he owed me for 4

usually blocks of 10 for a discount
No, i paid on the day even. sounds bad and there are lots of driving Instructors out there
Not heard of that,maybe paying for so many upfront but not £500 worths. Usually paying some of them upfront makes the lessons a couple quid cheaper per hour,like £20 instead of £22.
There are plenty other instructors about,aswell as the bigger chains like BSM etc.
I must be old because I assumed everyone paid per lesson. Would be wary of paying so much up front tbh
i paid for mine after each lesson. and passed first time last month :thumbsup:
i would not pay that upfront wait til you see if you like the instructor 1st and then you decide how to pay
Do you pay for your shopping a month before you have it? no i guess not I do understand instructors wanting money upfront but I would call a few and ask the question and get the best deal
Never pay that kiinda money upfrojnt, you asking to get ripped off.
Also make sure you get a card that the instructor signs when you pay for block of lessons and then signs each time you have 1
i paid at the end of every lesson a few years ago now!! :oops:
I paid at the end of each lesson but that was 25 years ago and they only cost me £6.00 each:oops:
Nope, NEVER book them all at once, what happens, if, for example, you don't get on with the instructor, or even his car?

Also, is this an independent, or part of a large driving school, AA, BSM etc?
Is the instructor 'private' or is through a company like BSM? Who recommended them?

I wouldn't be happy either way but having BSM behind the instructor might be a bit easier to swallow.

As others have posted there are other instructors...that's potentially a lot of money up front. Especially in this climate...

I would be cautious...
you want to have two ir three lessons with this person before commiting long term even if others say they are okay...
Blocks of ten are reasonable and set targets for them, ask where you would hope to be after each stage, as if they include pickup and drop off times in your lesson, my daughter had one that used part of the lesson to pick up the next pupil and then they had to drop her off!....

Thanks all, I will rep now, I though I must be old too, as I was … Thanks all, I will rep now, I though I must be old too, as I was convinced, it was always pay by lesson! Maybe it's changed, but yeah it's a lot to ask for the whole lot upfront. I will get her to ring around, I think..

my bros having lessons and he pays at the end too, sorry forgot to add that lol
Drving instructors ask for 1 lesson, they dont ask for that amount not a good one anyways,

I would cancel find another instructor or call the exsisting one and question it,
proberly miss comunucation,

the most i would give is 100gbp or enough for 5 lessons,
i'll teach your cousin to drive for £250 (payable in 10x£25 instalments):thumbsup:

the benefits of my teaching are as follows,

1.1 hand on the steering wheel/none of that 10 to 2 rubbish
2.constant speeds of up 70mph at all times/traffic permitting
3.seat belts optional
4.allowed gesturing out of the window at anyone who sounds their horn
5.handbrake turns in supermarket car parks included

deal or no deal?

Lol transit!!

that lol's a no then?:x;-)
I passed my driving test at the start of the year

I mostly paid in blocks of 10 because it worked out cheaper per lesson, but at the start and end I was actually ENCOURAGED to pay for lessons singly at the end incase I decided to stop taking them/only needed 3 more or something at the end (even though they refund any extra money)

The amount of lessons people need vary hugely, so how does that person know that your cousin will need to spend anywhere near that amount? Depends on the person, whether you can practice through the week (and how much) and how frequently your lessons are etc.

I would not only not pay, I would not learn with that person because if they dont sound too trustworthy with something as basic as this, I would wonder what else they will do (e.g. finish your lessons early, not turn up on time etc)
[COLOR="Red"]I only had 10 lessons before I passed.

I had about 4 lessons with my instructor then paid for a block of 20 as it made it cheaper.
Whereabouts down South? If it's anywhere near Bognor I can recommend a good instructor!
When I learned I paid for the first lesson and then in blocks of 4 as it worked out a couple of quid cheaper. 500 quid in one go sounds weird- what if she had the first lesson and decided she didn't like him/her?!
I paid after the lesson. My instructor was AA but i didnt go through the AA so got better rates. He told me about how when the AA give them a client they are automatically billed something like £150 regardless of how many lessons that person has, this might be why instructors get you to book for multiple lessons..

She is in Portsmouth, so just a bit too far out, yeah that's the thing … She is in Portsmouth, so just a bit too far out, yeah that's the thing lessons are expensive any way down south but it's a lot to give upfront if he is crap, or does not show!

Hehe, that's where I live now.... but I don't know anyone who's learned in Pompey

Lol transit!!Thanks all it's an independant, which is more concerning … Lol transit!!Thanks all it's an independant, which is more concerning IMO, not even a big company to the name.Just wanted to check it was not me being old, when I thought the done thing was pay as you go, it did sound an awful lot to me, will tell her to ring round tonight.Will rep those I have not, when I have some to give out :-D

Even if you do find a different driving instructor, make sure you get this ADI's number and check it with the DSA, he may not be an instructor, and he could be collecting all the money in a week and then disappearing with all the money. Make sure it's not a scam so no-one else gets ripped off.
when I did mine a few years ago I paid after each lesson
I think it would depend on how long you want to wait for your lessons. Remember this is the instructors livelihood and if they take a booking from you then you pull out they lose their income, so no they do not have to refund the total amount and yes you should pay up front for block bookings. I had to do that even 30 years ago. Single lessons or doubles you could pay at the time, but advanced block booking always had to be paid for in advance.
If your instructor does not have many clients you may get away with no advanced payments but the good ones are always busy and you need to buy their time whether you use it or not.

Okies, should he have badge or something on the car with this on?

Yup, there are two colours, a PDI (Practicing) and an ADI (fully trained) and they have a green or a pink badge depending (can't remember which is which)

The badge should be on display, and if it is not, ask him for it, if he cannot provide it, runaway. There will be a number on it if he has one, worth ringing up to check they are not banned, badge stolen, fake etc. I wouldn't normally check all this, but this guy sounds fishy.
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