Driving Lessons - Any Instructors here with cheap rates?

    I am looking to pick up where I left off (3 lessons), as I had to focus on studies. Anyone know any instructor/company with CHEAP rates, per lesson.


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    In the Harrow/Northolt/Ruislip/Rayners Lane area


    In the Harrow/Northolt/Ruislip/Rayners Lane area

    looking for the same thing.. did you manage to find any?



    looking for the same thing.. did you manage to find any?

    this thread is 2months old mate so he should of found a few by now

    I'm quite competative......I have 9 points and have only been banned once:-D

    I'd never recommend choosing an instructor on price, a good instructor will save you a lot of money as they'll get you past your test quicker which is where you will save a lot of money. An instructor who is cheaper per hour but not as good could cost you far, far more in the long run if you need more lessons and end up having to resit your test (which is really expensive).

    My driving instructor wasn't the cheapest around, in fact I only chose him because he had a Mitsubishi car - they have the indicator/windscreen wiper controls the other way around and as my Mum had a Mitsubishi it made sense to have a learner car the same. However he turned out to be excellent and got me through my test with only a few lessons, my brother started off with another instructor (by that time we had got rid of the Mitsubishi and so wanted a learner car with conventional controls) but got nowhere then managed to get through his test fine with my instructor as did my other brother. I know friends who were dragged through tens of lessons they shouldn't have needed and ended up paying massive amounts of money for their learner driving.

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