Posted 13th Dec 2022 (Posted 15 h, 18 m ago)

I have been struggling to book driving practical test.. Trying midnight / early morning / farthest possible etc but not getting any availability for next 6 months
There used to be some app or website that helps me to track cancellations or earlier availability.. does anyone knows about it or have any suggestions please?

thank you!
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    There was and that app was abused by people trying to sell test slots.

    The problem is well known and there is also an easy fix because people book tests and then have to cancel for one reason or another - it really doesn't matter why they cancel. You just have to be ready to book the slot

    Generally, people realise early in the day that they wont be able to take a test and cancel. But not always. Login early and keep looking for slots. One will come up.

    The principle problem with this for my offspring was the word 'early' Midday is not early. Ask a parent to monitor the slots.
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    quick google search shows an app available on the play store
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    There's an enormous backlog for tests apparently.
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    I used an app called Testi for my lad. Although you do have to have an original booking if I remember right to use it. I was able to get it forward a month or so which we were happy with. But it alerts you on slots becoming available.
    Perhaps get a booking at any test center (there is one one the Wirral that always seems to have slots) and then I think you can put a preference in for your local test location.

    It did seem to be when slots came up, there was generally several in a row - and I think that it was driving schools (the big ones) that had booked a range of tests and then when they know they have noone to do them they release them - or swap them to later dates
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    Driving test examiners also appear to be on strike.
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    My daughter used an app called driving test cancellations now. A couple of years ago after the covid disruptions. You had to have a test booked originally for any date but it worked really well, think I had to pay £18 but it was money well spent as it took her four attempts and she got a test slot booked earlier every single time. You do have to go into the settings and change a few bits so that it does automatically book you in and not just notify you of a space etc
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    I used this app to get my son an earlier test otherwise he would of been waiting ages
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    Broken Britain
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