driving licence , what can i drive ?

Found 3rd Apr 2010
thinking of hiring out a mini bus for a day trip ( 12 seater) , can i drive it with my normal driving licence ?
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Does your license show category D1? This mostly depends on how old you are and when you got your license...
check with the hire company
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got my licence in 2005 and it shows just b and b1
Then no, you can't drive a minibus. You need to have category D1 to do that, you'll have to apply to the DVLA and have a medical to get it put on your license as a provisional entitlement, then pass a theory and practical test.
I know this as I'm going through the process myself for work at the minute!
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okies , thanks for the help
I think he can drive a minibus with a certain number of seats. And the rules are different if you're driving a mini bus for an organisation or for work. On my phone so bit hard to link up to the dvla website.
got it on mine ,ah well you learn something new every day:thumbsup:
Here's the link not read it fully but looks like you can.

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