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Found 25th Aug 2006
hey guys,

just wondering if any of you have advice or deals on good driving school programs for the UK license.

I have a US license and have been driving for 8 years, and have driven a little bit in and around the UK. However ive been warned about how difficult passing the test is here, and i should definitely get at least a few lessons from a driving school before sitting the practical or theory.

any tips? i have already seen the cds for sale at blahdvd.com at a discount, but was hoping for a more hands on approach by means of a driving school.

thanks guys!

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Can you drive manual cars? If so then you don't have to go to driving school at all. I was in similar situation, so I just bought set of AA books and Highway Code. Took two driving lessons in my own car (just to see what they want to check during driving test) and that's it.
Oh, and try to make driving test appointment on Wednesday

Original Poster

lol whats with wednesday?
i drive stick.

i just bought the 2 DVD set 2006/2007 guide thats advertized on blahdvd (on ebay, saved £2 for the same new set) with the full instructoinal guides and ebooks. i'm sure they'll come handy

thanks for the help. may just rent a car for a day and drive around pre-test.

which reminds me-- i'm assuming i need my own car to sit the test... do you suggest i just rent one, or do they provide cheap 1 hour car rental for people like me without a car??

To pass the theory tests there's now two things you'll need, possibly on two CDs.

Firstly, you'll need the driving thory.
Secondly, there's a new test called "Hazards and Perception".

You probably heard stories about their "pass targets"? Rumour says it they try to fail almost everyone on Mondays and Fridays and pass people on Wednesdays. Not sure if that's true but vast majority of people I know passed on Wednesdays and failed other days. I failed my first test on Friday and passed it Wednesday... Go figure

As to car rental, sorry I don't know - I had my own car by then. But surely you can arrange it by calling driving school?

And I was lucky to sit theory test befor Hazards Perception was introduced

I would of thought a US licence would be applicable in the UK also?

The UK test comes in two parts

A Theory Test/Hazard Perception Video
If you get enough points to pass these two sections then you are able to book and take a practicle exam. The first section is a seires of multiple choice questions, you'll be asked a question and usually be offered a set of 4 answers to choose from (what does this sign mean etc) After that you'll be shown a series of clips and you will have to click the mouse everytime you think a hazard occurs (More points for quicker clicks)

The Practical Exam
When this begins you will also be asked two questions, one question will be about under the hood of the car (how to check oil etc) and an additional question will be about the car in general (checking brake lights, wheel tread etc)
After this you are required to drive around UK roads for a period of around 40 minutes. You will also be asked to perform two maneuvers and possibly asked to perform an emergency stop (this isn't always asked for)

To pass the Theory section I recommend getting one of the CDs you suggested, if you get the current edition (2006) then just memorise the answers with the questions until you regulary pass the mock exam. The video is a bit tricky as there is no real way of practicing, although it is easy enough, I will not explain this section here, the CDs will show you what to do though.

As you have already been driving, I'd suggest just buy those CDs at discount to start with. Book a Theory Test [dsa.gov.uk/Cat…28] Once you pass that then look at driving schools if you really still think you need it.

Driving costs an absolute fortune in this country and the tests are no exception, for a driving school you're looking at a lot of money that you might not need to spend if you have driven for 8 years already.

Good Luck!

damn everyone beat me to posting

BSM have car simulators, which are much cheaper than lessons on the road. Obviously, ther is no petrol or insurance required. The simulators are Vauxhall Corsas. They also have computers in their branches where you can practice the theory test. I went to check for lessons for my son and they gave me a free demo.

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ThePennyPincher and everyone else, thanks so much for all the input. i'll definitely let you all know how the CDs work out, and whether my test that i'll inevitably take on wednesday turns out ;

Good luck Chamelion.
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