Found 14th Feb 2008

Could someone please tell me which documents i need for my test.

I have been told that i need the sheet on which my provisional came on...but it appears as if i have misplaced it.

Is it needed?



yes you need the counterpart document which you received with your provisional

Yes, you will need it, best get back in touch with DVLA

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Ahh damn...

I have a photocopy of it.

il give them a ring now and see if they can fax or email me 1.


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Rang the DVLA - need both documents and needs to be originals

Test looking unlikely

Better turn this house upisde down to try and find it.

Hope ou find it in time.

When's your test?

Rebook your test, you can change the date 3 times then you have to cancel it

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Was ment to be tomorrow.

In that case i dont thingk you can rebook, as there is a cut off point in which you can rebook


Was ment to be tomorrow.

Good luck in finding it:thumbsup:

Do what add-man says and rebook it.


Ask your instructor what options you have and at least cancel your 2 hour lesson. A new licence is gonna cost you.

Good luck finding it, and rememner you'll need your Theory Pass certificate too..

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Been looking all morning - Nowhere to be seen.

I rang the DVA and they said they could send me a new 1 out but wont even leave thier office til tomorrow morning!

got all other documents.

Yeah I think the picture ID and the sheet combine to form your license. I think they put all the naughty stuff (points off your licence) on the sheet when you pass your test. As someone else pointed out you will need your theory test certificate as well.

I remember I was bricking it on my test day. My teacher gave me a few good tips about how you are allowed to correct a bay park and things like that so I managed to pass. Funny thing on my test day was the bloke infront failed because some idiot crossed behind him as he did his bay park to talk to someone in another bay, the driver didn't stop in what the tester deemed 'sufficient time' or whatever the technical term would be.

Couldn't the DVLA send it by courier or registered post or something quick if you are willing to pay?

Let us know how you get one vengod and good luck :thumbsup:


Do what add-man says and rebook it.

Can't, you have to givea weeks notice if you want to rebook it.

OMG I hope my partner kept the sheet his come on if itsneeded when time comes. what a hassle,I wish he hadn't started with the whole thing now.

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looked and looked, still no joy.

I rang the DVA and asked if i could use a photcopy of it and then show the real 1 when ive got it (after buying a new 1) they said no.

I asked if they could email - no

I asked fax - no

I then rang my driving instructor who said "Keep looking and if you cant find it by tomorrow we will cancel - its pointless cancelling it now as you're still going to be paying for the test so thjis way gives you more time."

So im emptying each room at a time now.

But looks asthough im gonna need to order a new 1 and cancel my test =[

Why are you ringing the DVA and not the DVLA?

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Simple mistype.

Oh right just wondering since you also said DVA on your other post and i thought this was a different company to do with provisional licenses lol

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Nah - when i riang the DVLA before they said "let me sort that for you and put me through to the DVA which put me through to the DSA" Butr in my last post i ment DVLA

less typing more searching!!!

And the moral of the story is: Prior preparation prevents p*ss-poor performance!

Seriously, though, things like this wouldn't happen if you didn't leave things to the last minute (or the day before). (Gosh, the number of times I've said that to my son & he STILL hasn't learnt!:giggle:)

Hope you find the paper, it would be a shame to have to cancel your test - good luck with your test, whenever you manage to take it.

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Still no luck - looks as though i may have to canel it

£48 down the drain + another lincense £22


don't give up!

If you were a licence, where would you be?

Somewere safe as i am an important document.

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I often have this problem but with like my wallet - i put it somewhere safe then forget where it is. But that usually comes back to me

I am looking to start my driving lessons and take my test soon and i have had to order a new provisional license for exactly the same reason. I'm just glad i knew beforehand and didn't lose the cost of the test by having to cancel it!

It sucks tho, who keeps some peice of paper that comes with your provisional? You would think the license itself would be all you need.

Yeh I hope my partner ain't chucked his away,he's looking for it later,he at work at moment,we'll have dinner and he better get looking for it!

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Whens your partners test?


Whens your partners test?

He not got one booked,apparantly he not ready,and we paid out another £240 cheque other week for another 12 lessons and he already had 24 lessons,he takes 2 hrs at a time.
I be mad if he chucked it out cos I don't like what its cost us already :x
I've already said in another thread that he getting taken for a ride!

Good Luck when you get sorted and take it.

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i pay £14 an hour - but i usually get free time


2 hour lesson - Has been known for 3hrs

1hour - 2 n half hours

Got it,he looked for it after I told him,just got in work but he knows I'm stressed out about everything at moment and didn't wait till after dinner.

Im only 7 hours in to my lessons and my driver wants me to book my theory.


i pay £14 an hour - but i usually get free time example2 hour lesson - … i pay £14 an hour - but i usually get free time example2 hour lesson - Has been known for 3hrs 1hour - 2 n half hours

Yeh thats good wish ours as cheap,cos we buying in blocks of 12 they costing £20 per hr,but if you don't buy in blocks think its about £22 or £23,I wish he hadn't started to be fair.

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Is he going with a big company like BSM?


I've already passed my theory and had no lessons, I did it before the theory test changed lol

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Im only 7 hours in to my lessons and my driver wants me to book my theory.

Best to get theory out of way quick as poss
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