driving test advice please

    Hi at the end of this month i have my driving test,there was one problem which is that i had to book my test in a differnt area to where i have been learning,this was due to there being a 2 month waiting list at norwich where i have my lessons,has anyone else had to do this and how to did it affect there performance on the test?thanks


    I had to take mine somewhere i have never been before, didn't make any difference as you just listen to the examiner where you need to turn etc. you will be fine

    Try and get some lessons on the test route before your test. Good luck, i hope you pass.

    I hope to have my test in a month or two - having 3 hours a week at the moment and have had approx. 9 hours; I honestly think im really bad...seriously, dont know when im going to be ready!

    i had to take mine in a different area and different car with a different instructor - my test was changed at the last minute due to problems with the original test centre and because my examiner had been involved in an accident with one of his pupils both he and his car were unavailable so he arranged for another examiner to take me to my test and i had an hours driving in the area before my actual test - it was my 3rd test and i passed - all the way along i thought well things can't get any worse - lol

    had mine somehwere else.. had taken a couple lessons there but didnt reaslly now the area at all..especially when it came to the test route.... weirdly...i passed... i say weird as it was my 7th attempt and the other routes i knew like the back of my hand (ok maybe not.. hecne the failing!)

    try and do it early in the morning that way you will just be sitting in traffic

    When i had my test in derby, they took me round a part of derby that i hadn't driven in my lesson. So it was pretty newish

    I'd highly advise driving around a place you are familiar with. You don't want the extra worry of not knowing what is round each corner or where you should be going.
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