Driving Test Theory

    I need to sit my theory once again (Time has run out) , but im aware they've changed the format or something? Is it still okay to just revise from the book or do i need to buy one of these DVD test things?

    Please any advice is appreciated



    Think you would be safe to get an updated one :thumbsup:

    I've booked mine for 2 weeks away, you really just need to revise the questions from the books (it's now 43 out of 50 to pass) and practice the hazard perception bits.
    You can get one of the cd-roms if you like, but if you passed before then you should have no trouble doing so again.

    I passed mine about 3mths ago. I bought a CD-ROM and when I put it in the computer, it didn't work so I just went on DSA and paid about 7 quid to get access to all the questions. You cant really prepare for hazard perception because its about reactions etc. The website is the best though because you can answer all questions AND do mock-tests as well.

    I find the cd-rom the best way to learn.

    Oh i agree the cd-rom is the best way to learn...but the OP has presumably passed the test before.
    It basically has not changed, they have just upped the questions from needing 30/35 a few years ago, to now needing 43/50.

    Yeah i did mine about 5 months ago. Used the CD-Rom and just went over the questions as many times as i could. Got 100% in both the hazard and questions tests.
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