driving to save the earth

why do roads have speed limits?

they tell us to be more energy efficient, surely the higher the gear you drive, the faster you go, the less energy you use........fair enough you may kill someone but have limits on the roads only destroys the Earth quicker.

there may be a loss of 10,000s of lives each year but im saving millions of future lives. :wink:

NOTE: i dont actually think no speed limit is the way to go......just some random nonsence i thought of for this part of the forum.

I DO stick by speed limits, dont think ive ever exceeded the speed limit. Oh wait, i only exceed the limit if im goin uphill at speed limit and someone tries to overtake me, thats wen i pump the accelerator.

REMEMBER: drive safely (and kill the earth).


Or you could use a push-bike and save everyone

Isn't fuel consumption increases with speed? And, BTW, what is your car - Prius?

I assume it would depend on the engine and other mechanical variables what the most efficient speed to drive is. As far as I know for your average vehicle it is around 90 kmh/56mph. In the US the big long distance semi trucks drive at 90 kmh (there's a warning sign on the back of the truck) for this reason.

Here's all I found in a quick Googling...

The Royal Mail evaluated the fuel consumption effect there will be when a European Union directive forces 90 km/h speed limiters on commercial vehicles grossing more than 3.5 tonnes (12 tonnes at present).


Figures after exchanging drivers between two Daf box vans grossing 5.36 tonnes indicated that at a steady 56mph the fuel consumption was nearly 19 per cent better than at a steady 70mph. The extent to which longer journey times will bring a need for more vehicles to move the mail has yet to be

Yes, I've noticed that. I also noticed that Opel/Vauxhall Astra coupe needs something like 20L/100km or so) when pushed to the limit (200 km/h). I did it on German Autobahns, of course, hence km not miles.
As to 'green driving', I owned Prius (2004 model) for about year and a half. Interesting thing is that Prius is teaching you how to drive calmly and relaxed. Especially when you see MPG in high 50s. Unfortunately I had to part with Prius and now driving Mondeo.

Get a Fabia diesel, best move I ever did and regulary see 60mpg.

Ford Fiesta Diesel (N reg) and Metro Rover (M reg) have both provided us with at least 60mpg. Really economical, but the metro can be dangerously slow pulling out of road ends. We bought it from an elderly lady we know. 1 lady owner, she drove always like she was on her driving test, she'd just had it respraysed, it had tax, and she only wanted us to pay her £300. We gave her £400 for it and she was really chuffed. She said she didn't need the money. She didn't want another car.

It's the best purchase we ever made.

Original Poster

hmmm 60mpg eh......think im missing out there, my display shows 42.5mpg......no no its not a prius, its a yaris with a little miss naughty springy thing sittin on the thing in the back window.

NOTE: im male and didnt put that thing in the back window.

a push bike isnt a bad idea, havent rode a bike for years think ill need stabilisers.....cannot even ride a 50cc scooter properly never mind a push bike.

That little miss naughty springy thing is probably putting on another few more yards per gallon, you should remove it.


My only problem with Fabia diesels and the like is that I want automatic and economical car. Unfortunately these two things doesn't really come together and so far the only option is a Prius (it got no gears as such, apparently).
And the major reason for automatic is bloody traffic (or rather traffic jams) on M1 and M25 every morning... Just waiting for someone to invent affordable flying car (and someone else to sell it with substantial discount over MSRP :D)

They do Fabia diesels in auto, but just very rare now. Same engine is in the Octavia, Polo, Golf, Leon and Ibiza amongst others. Gotta be an auto for you there.

Right, but auto diesel got pretty much the same fuel consumption as petrol manual And there is no auto diesel that can match Prius in MPG. Unfortunately
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