Drop shipping - help? I want to order some shoes from a US site that doesn't ship to the UK...


    I have the most horrendous time finding shoes that fit. I usually ge thtem off ebay but I've found some I like on

    Only problem is that they only ship to the US! I don't suppose anyone knows of a cheap drop-shipping (is that the right word? like a mail forwarder...) service? I wish I had friends/family in the US whose address I could ship them to & then get them forwarded on, but no such luck!



    Have you tried contacting them they might make an exception for you

    Original Poster

    Yeah, I have emailed before but they never reply to my emails. It does say on their shipping page that they do not ship outside of continental US, and they're a big company, so I guess they won't

    Can you not phone them ,if they are a big firm surely they can sort something out

    Why not try one of the third party companies that ship from the US to UK eg

    or this one

    Never used any of them so best check them out first (and of course there is a cost)
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