Dropped motorbike - need advice

    Soooo got a new bike last week and was out with a mate and dropped it on my gravel driveway, of al places, on the way back in. I think it was nerves from having him and the next door neighbour and their kids watch me. Anyway indicator bust, scratched just above it, scratched exhaust, bar end and rear brake level and mirror surround. So fair enough I get indicator fixed and maybe paint on levers, mirror I'm not gonne get new but it's the scratches that annoy me. I've heard T-cut isn't great so what else do people suggest. Bike is black by the way.



    what finish is the paint work?
    i use t cut in work for mainly matt finishes,you can buy t cut for metalic finishes but its not much good to be honest you'll prob need something more specialist

    but t cut is cheap you can always try it


    believe me or not we do use tip ex and tip ex pens in our work
    perfect finish for touching up

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    it's an ebony kawasaki ninja 250R

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    My dad does car autobody repairs and resprays but just didn't want to bother him yet until I mess it up reeeeeeeally badly

    if your dad does autobody repairs I bet he could recommend something good that would work.

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    yeah mirrors not too bad so was gonna leave them for now and I just didn't want to tell dad I had done any damage as he wanted me to wait before I got the 250 but ah well, what a girl wants and I haven't spoken to any of my male mates yet who haven't damaged their bikes in ways just as stupid as I did

    Erm, have you tried picking it back up, would be the best bet.
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