Getting frequent messages when online saying that internet connection has been dropped. Happens on my laptop and desktop. Only recent changes downloaded IE8 last week. Also some problems connecting to some sites, mainly links.

    AND just now, ran spybot and keeps saying error and cannot complete the scan. Don't like the sound of all this. Virus scanner all active and OK



    I dropped the internet once and broke it.

    I use a case now and it seems to withstand most drops.

    Have you checked the service status at your ISP?

    Is your router actually losing synch? Next time the internet goes off look for the DSL to see if it's on (usually solid green) but depending on your router it can be a globe, a tick, a green b, a blue b and other stuff

    I also face same problem
    when i use gmail with IE8
    it gets disconnected or connection drops and i have do refresh every time too see new mail.:x


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