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Found 13th Oct 2017
S6 continually reboots but I need to save a recorded call to somewhere I can access from another phone but the phone isn't on long enough to do it. I'm returning the phone. If the S6 isn't connected to a charger it will not function at all.
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Do you know where the recording was saved? As in internal storage or SD card and which folder? Obviously if it's the SD card you can just take that out, put it in a PC and copy the file over. Not sure what format it would be in but you should be able to find something to play or convert it. If it's on the internal storage it will be trickier but there are a few things you could try - if you connect your phone to a PC via a USB cable does the PC detect it as it's booting and does that give you enough time to transfer files? Or is there any sort of recovery mode on the phone and can you get into it? You might be able to do a USB file transfer whilst in recovery mode or trying clearing the cache, which might actually fix the bootloop.
Its actually saved on the Drupe app but you can share it to Google Drive, email, etc. I can get as far as sharing to google drive but the phone reboots within seconds of sending it. The message is very important as I recorded the person admitting they owed me £4000 and was trying to pay me back, I'm taking them to court. I have till December to return the phone for a repllacememt under warranty, then its too late.
The S6 doesn't have external storage. Ive tried Kies but the phone only has any life if its connected to a charger. It doesn't work properly on wireless charge either. I cant get it connected for long. I'm so angry because ive read that thee S6 suffered a problem relating to an update.
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