Drusilla offers anywhere?

Found 14th Apr 2008
Has anyone seen any offers/discounts for Drusillas zoo park (nr Brighton) ?

I want to take the family for a day out this weekend to the zoo as it's been a long winter and the kids have been stuck indoors, but the ticket prices are so expensive, does anyone know where i can i can get offers or discount vouchers, either kids go free or reductions off the ticket price would be good , preferably eligible for a Saturday visit ..

any help greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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if you shop at Tescos,best way is to convert your clubcard vouchers into deals.
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http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=39&bci=4294967294|Days%20Out*4294966498|South%20of%20Englandif you shop at Tescos,best way is to convert your clubcard vouchers into deals.

Thank you, unfortunately it seems you have to wait for the vouchers to arrive in the post before you can claim, although i have more that enough on my tesco clubcard I will have to wait until May's statement when the clubcard vouchers arrive, Thank you again anyway at least I know we can have another day out in May/June courtesy of Tescos
Yeh every 3 mths the statement due in,its fairly easily to build up £10 worth of vouchers if you say taking a family of 4,even without bonus clubcard pts etc,its fairly possible with just regular 1 pt per £1.
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