dry ice

    hi can anyone please tell me where i can get a small amount of dry ice for halloween and advice how to store it have looked on net that you cant put it in a domestic freezer



    Dry Ice is a bit of a pain in the bum if I'm honest
    You can keep it in a normal freezer but it will degrade more quickly - its reasonably dangerous in a ice burn sort of way and you really need quite a lot for any great smoke output.

    The cheaper / safer way to get the same effect is to use a smoke machine and pipe it through a cooling system
    the last time we did it (all be it with a pro smoke machine) was to run the smoke on a low setting through a metal tube which had wine bottle coolers (from the freezer) wrapped around it.

    It should work with the sort of small machine you can buy in Maplins its a bit trial and error


    Should explain I work in theatre and we had smoke for a show done as above

    Dry Ice can be stored in a freezer, at temperatures of -81 fine, factory that make food products like cheese normally have cultures sent packed in this stuff.

    Get a mist maker or fogger, same effect but uses just plain cold water so much safer. You can get them in maplin.
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