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    Oki pretty sure there isnt a product out there but what the hell i'll ask.

    Is there a pair of straighteners that dry and straighten and are also cordless??

    I say this because every morning after the gym i need to dry my hair and straighten it would be better, but theres nothing in the changing rooms not even mains, hence why need to be cordless

    Any ideas?


    Had a quick look and most cordless straighteners seem to rely on mains power for the base unit.

    I came across this range at Boots which use Braun Energy Cells which can be replenished using gas refill packs also supplied by Boots.

    Not sure if it's exactly what you are after and may be worth a visit to your local Boots to get a bit more info.…829


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    Thanks for the reply, i'll check it out at the weekend


    Thanks for the reply, i'll check it out at the weekend

    I meant to say I also had a look for battery operated hair dryers but no luck.

    Possibly they need too much power to be battery operated.
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