Dry wipe whiteboard - where on earth?

    Hey all, I'm after a drywipe whiteboard as big as possible (A2 or larger really) but am stumped as to where I go to buy one. Any ideas?

    Staples is pretty expensive from what I can see online. I'm located in Leeds. Where do you reckon I can pick one up cheaply.

    Rep available to helpers :-)


    Wilkinson's used to do them, not sure if they still do tho, although, Asda had some before christmas because i got my son one.

    Have you tried asking at a local school? We use them and order them from a catalogue. Maybe see if they could order you one?

    Mate ordered one from somewhere last year, will email him the now, he is on holiday in hong kong, so may take a few hours to get back to you . :thumbsup:

    Have you tried ebay?

    PC world also sell them sometimes.


    Viking direct is pretty good. Use them all the time for work so trustworthy company.

    Ikea sell them quite reasonably, or they used to certianly

    some at tescos for £2.50 but they're only around A3 size at most, Rymans otherwise, i posted a deal on here in dec, was £10 for a close to A2 size..?…or/

    Mate got his on ebay Nobo Magnetic DryWipe Planning Board 900x600mm
    Price was 40 with delivery, seems a bit steep but was a fair size board, there was a mess with delivery and he ended up getting 2, good times.:thumbsup:

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    Rep for all of you for being so ruddy bloody helpful. Cheers all.

    I think I'll check wilkos although something tells me I may be out of luck. Ryman is a shout but ours is tiny. Ebay has been considered, but it's difficult with an item like this. Local pickup would be brilliant but it's a matter of odds.

    Viking I will check out now, and I've got a mate checking the school option. Ikea seem to have let their range dwindle.

    Thanks again to all of you. Any strokes of genius, please let me know.

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    Just picked up one from Wilkos. 60x40 for £4. Good enough for me.
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