Dryer Lint - cleaning without breathing

Posted 11th Feb 2023 (Posted 12 h, 43 m ago)
I remove the lint from the dryer every few days, but the dust and fluff gets everywhere.

I'm literally breathing it in, how can it be cleaned without causing these nasty dust clouds around the area?! Thanks for any tips
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    Take the filter outside before you open it?
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    Vacuum the dust off.
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    I just shove mine and bin and brush it off so all goes in ,or just take it outside,I remove it after each time, if it too much problem for what ever reason, might I recommend face mask or a good air filter

    or hold your breath for a few seconds, it take me five seconds to brush mine off in bin (edited)
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    Do it just after the drying cycle, there is right amount humidity to not cause dust.

    Or spray very little water using spray bottle.

    Or vaccum jt, do it from outside before opening it, it will suck 90% out. That will do the job. (edited)
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