DS Flash Cart Reviews from Timmy - Whats Cloned - Whats Well Built - Whats the best for your situation

I have decided that I may as well create a thread reviewing all the DS Flash Carts I've owned as people are querying in my thread that they hvae bought a dstt and that and they hope it doesn't break there ds...

Well anyway... these reviews are based on my sole opinions of the cards....

Off we go...

First UP - EZ Flash V (Same as PLUS version)

The first flash cart I owned and from personal opion it had the best build quality of all the ones I have used as well, the plastic is very tough. A good plus in my opinion is that memory card loaded from the side. That way there was no chance in the world that it would come out accidentally...
However it isn't without its problems, only recently in the year it has been updated to MicroSDHC and has Download play working almost perfectly... my main gripe is that loading times aeren't as good as some of the other cards, however it did load virtually every game I chucked at it.
GUIwise, the GUI was okay but maybe a bit plain..
Anyway overall the EZ Flash V is a decent cart with very good build quality but if you can sacrifice build quality then you will get a better card for less...

The EZ Flash V Plus is available at Dealextreme for $17.50 at the time of writinfg:


Next up, we have the N5 DS cart, a CLONE of the R4..

The build quality of the N5 is actually pretty decent, however there are lots of people saying these trip ds fuses, however I haven't experienced this with the 2 I have possesed.
The N5 is a black cart so it will look best with a black ds mixing right in with it...
The GUI does look outdated but it is easy to use for beginners.
However in the current situation I wouldn't reccomend the N5 as it has 2 competitors at a similar price range which are to some extenet better.
Compatibily is fine with most games as before with the EZ FLash V

You can buy the N5 from DealExtreme for $12.39 at the time of writing


The DSTT, a popular card on these forums for some reason....
Now the DSTT hasn't had the best of history (due to a recent supposed-fake thingy but the one main reason for its popularity is the price, for most of its lifetime it has been the cheapest DS card available..
The build quality of the cart is about average, nothing special but does the job. My only gripe is the fact that you can have it apart in seconds it is just little plastic knobs that go into holes... only good thing about that is that it is easy to diagnose a fake ....
Now the GUI in my opinion isn't great but does the job I suppose, it will only show the roms on the card btw, so there is no point foldering stuff...
Ableit the fake talk, as long as you buy the DSTT speicifed in the link below you should be okay
It is Probably the best card for somebody who just wants to stick it in and play the darn games,... lol

At the time of writing it is available for $9.50 at Dealextreme...


Ah the AceKard 2 my humble favourite, Why you ask?
Well the GUI is very nice to start with and the price makes it very good value for money IMO.
The build quality on the new 2.1 carts is better than the 2.0 batches with stronger plastic being used and a new black pcb that doesn't have a bulging chip...... however it isn't as good as the DSTT to an extent
The GUi as explained earlier is very nice and the theme that comes with it suits it perfectly. Now, I reccomend just download downloading the AKAIO firmware instead of the offical as it has a couple of extra features... no extra sepcial features but features noneless, some improvements over the offical firmware really..
It reads all the games as well and provided you have the patches on in the menu, then download paly and everything works fine...

At the time of writing the Acekard 2 is available for $12.54 at dealextreme.


Finally the Cyclo DS, the European flash cart...(the rest are all CHINESE lol...) the price is rather expensive (£29.95 + delivery!!!) but the GUI and extra features MORE than make up for it..
Everything can be done using the stylus and the themes available are pretty decent....
Now probably one of the best features is that you can go to a menu mid game and turn cheats off, slow down time in the game or real time save the game... all useful features which will hoepfully enhance your gameplay....
The build quality is like the EZ Flash V, extremely good.
If you are willing to spend the money, get the CycloDS, you won't regret it!

And there we have it! Thanks folks for looking and I hope these reviews help your descision on buying a DS cart and don't forget to look at my other guies including one related to DS flash carts (this is really just an extended part of which ds cart shoud I get...)

Oh bTW, youa'll find out what is the best for your sitatuion in ym otehr ds thread!
Thanks for reading,



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