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just got bk from work and some one came in with a chiped ds he has a card and a little one that goes in the side of the main one just wondering how to go about doing it sorry if talking jibberish but not realy into the whole ds thing


are you looking to buy a chip, or just wondering what to do with one you have. Sorry I wasn't really understanding your message. I have a chip in mine and use it for back up and MP3s so will be able to help if you give some more info....


[url]www.delaextreme.com[/url] your looking for a dstt, acekard, something like that, then a micro sd card from [url]www.play.com[/url] sandisk 4GB about right size to hold 40 ish games or 8GB if you want it to hold more, will go find you the thread that will show you how to put firmware on

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no its like a game but it has lots of games on it he had cod5 who wants to be a millionare deal or no deal and lots more


here you go, and as for your post, that is what we are referring to

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