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hi all, am a newbie posted once on trade so pls be kind!
the ds games on amazon US are cheap in relation to the pound conversion but my concern is- are they compatible with a ds lite i am using in UK? Have any of you bought games from the US of A and used it on your ds's here in UK? please advice.


Yeah they should work i'm pretty sure ds games are region free :thumbsup:

Hold on though until someone else confirms:w00t:

Of course, all handhelds even the original Gameboy are region free, its only PSP UMD movies that are region locked.

we bought our boys some DS games back from the states, no problems at all.

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Thanks guys, one other problem, amazon us is giving me a message that there are geographical restrictions and that it wont sell to me! ha ! got me on that one! anyone know a way round it?

Yes you can have a look at www-playasia.com you can buy US DS games from them and much cheaper then US Amazon as well. Takes about 5 days or so to arrive from hong kong. I use them self and well recommend
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