DS Games for a 5 yr old Please !!


Am just wondering which games are suitable and easy to use for a 5 yr old ! not ones were he is asking "whats that say " all the time or what do i do now....haaaaa !!



Peppa pig, Shaun the sheep, Madagascar racing. I'm sure he will love these.

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Shaun the sheep...he loves that always chuckling...will look into them big thanks x

iron man is good, mum i did it (boys verison)..... i hate it too when they keep asking..... i might as well play the game myself!!!

Peppa pig is good my 3 yr old has this and she also has I did it mum but the girls version.

I have a poyco one coming too...


Super Mario Bros.

peppa pig games are good as the characters talk rather than having writing on the screen. my 6 yr and 3 yr old both play on peppa. or my 6yr old loves rythmn paradise (excellent tapping in time type game) and of course mario kart ds is a must. also there are loads of platformers like super mario bros/mario 64 ds/yoshi touch & go all quite straight forward & good to play on when he goes to be as well. he'll be showing you how to play them all in no time.

My 5 year old twins play on Lego Star Wars (favourite), Mario Kart, Peppa Pig, and some Diego thing.
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