DS games for a 6 year old?

Hey guys,

I've bought my wee boy a DS for his 6th birthday next month since he's been asking for one since his 5th birthday.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on games I could get him? He's only just in Primary 1 so only just learning his ABC's.

Thanks for any help




animal crossing, any of the imagine ones, my son had one beofre his 6th birthday although he could read, but to be honest i dont think they need to be ablle to, they somehow just know what to do

Any of the Mario games, especially Mario Cart
My Sims Racing
Any of the Lego games, Lego Battles is supposed to be good

cooking mama, junior brain training, dora, diego, peppa pig,
or for older, mario sonic at olympics, super monkey puzzle ball, mario kart, warioware, jake power, the lego gaems (batman, star wars or indiana) transformers, ben 10, pokemon

Our 5yr old DS loves cooking mama 1&2, gardening mama. Plus all the lego series are great (Star Wars, Batman & Indiana Jones) and mario kart is great for all the family!

New Super Mario Bros :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Hey thanks for the suggestions guys!! Will check these out. Am just so clueless with it, only really know adult games as I have a DS (which is why he wants one!)

There is a range of games called 'I did it Mum' each game has 20+ mini games, great fun & quite easy, my 3 year old loves playing this on his cousins DS, although some of the mini games are too hard for him so it is not a proper babyish game.

i have cooking mama if ur intrested x
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