Found 14th Apr 2008
my mum bought my brother a ds for christmas, and he has managed to destroy it, the bottom screen is just black you dont get a picture on it at all, the top screen is ok, but looks like he has managed to get water in side it , where can you go to get it fixed? and how much would it cost? is it cheaper and easy to fix yourself?


if you have areceipt then it is still under warrenty.

if you send it to nintendo they will fix or replace it. they replaced mine when the hinge fell apart.
google nintendo to find the addy unless someone can help you with i as im sorry i dont have it to hand.

You need to replace the bottom DS screen. DealExtreme would be one of the cheapest but may take a while to deliver (10 days, possibly a month if stock is low). Ensure you get the correct one (ie. if you have a NDS Lite, its different from older fatter NDS screen from memory)…een

Dealextreme is about £8 Delivered. You will also need a NDS screwdriver (60p) also from DealExtreme:…887

Should not be hard to swap, Youtube has a few videos showing how:…pe=

I'm sure there are other places, including ebay.

Good luck


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it is a ds lite, and he bought it from gadget asia

How did water get in it?
That might invalidate warranty the water,this gadget asia place,I don't know if it come with warranty and what they like dealing with afterservice.
I know if you bought in a U.K shop or U.K website you would just contact Nintendo for easier customer services. They repaired my sons DS out of warranty and for free too,I didn't even pay to get it there and back.
Check their website for customer services support and speak to them about it.

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thanks everyone i will look into it, i havent a clue how it got water into it lol he's only 8 so anything is possible i guess

customer service page for where you bought from but personally,I'd give Nintendo a call and see if they deal with it,I'm not sure if they will cos its a handheld from outside Europe but worth calling 1st.…tml

I would rather deal with the company of an item I bought than the website or shop at times cos its easier.

Flog it and buy another one.
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