DS help please!

My daughter has managed to break the plastic bit over the hinge of her DS,it all still works but the screen is floppy.
I've been quoted between £20 and £58 to fix it, as apparently it needs a full new cover. Not something I can afford to do right now I don't think!
I've seen the crystal cases and been told that they would hold it for now, till I can get it fixed, is this true? Also, is it possible to buy them for the original DS as the only ones I can find are for the lite.
Any help and recommendations appreciated, thanks!


Have a look around deal extreme. They always have DS stuff on there, and its not too expensive. Perhaps you can find a case that could be worth a try?

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I've just nosied on deal extreme - but its all DS lite and DSi
I'll have to try and get to the poundshops, I've never noticied them but then I've never really looked!
Thanks for replying both of you!
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