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Found 5th Sep 2008
hi flying to turkey 9 the night can anyone tell me if i would be allowed to take a nintendo ds in my hand luggage thanks
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I would have thought so, yes.
yes, as long as it is switched off during take-off and landing.
Yes, I have done it. No different from a PDA or phone.
I think the general answer is yes. I'd go with the yes but don't turn the wireless function on while on the plane.

fo sho
thanks now got something to do 4hrs is a long time for me with nothing to do

I have always taken my ds in my hand luggage to play during the flight (Turkeys 41/2 hours long-you'll need something to do) as have lots of children on board, also some have taken a portable dvd player to watch movies and that seems acceptable too, Hope this helps and have a great hol!
If you can use a laptop you can use a DS... I've even flown on a plane with my phone still on, by complete accident I turned my primary phone off. I think it's all just scaremongering to make you use their expensive pay phone.
yes my 3 all used theirs when we flew to portugal, as said above aslong as its off during take off/land
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