DS just under 13 months old from Argos, Do they do some sort of out of warranty help?

    I know with Tesco as long as you have the receipt for item even if its out of the 12 month warranty they can usually help you out.

    But Im just wondering if Argos have anything like this.

    I have a receipt for a ds which was purchased 14th/02/10, so not even a full 13 months old. I am wondering if they will help me with a broken DS at all as its gone 12 months?


    I must be on the internet too much, read DS as darling son!

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    haha I know, took me a while to wonder what others were on about! sometimes I do wish my genuine DS had a returns receipt
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    I must be on the internet too much, read DS as darling son!

    Me too haha took a while to click!


    I would ring nintendo personally

    Whats wrong with the DS ?.

    Sainsbury's wouldn't help me when I had a problem with a Nintendo DSi XL after 3 hours of usage. I purchased on 17 November 2010 (as a Christmas gift) & reported the problem to the retailer on 28 December 2010 (when they opened after Christmas). As they no longer sold the console (but they did upon their Entertainment site!) the only option they offered was to return it (in store, 20 miles away) for a refund:

    […480 ]

    However, I then contacted Nintendo myself...

    […283 ]

    The console was fixed & returned within 3 weeks.

    Sainsbury's (/Entertainment) have lost my business forever.


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    I sent one off to Nintendo ages back and they sent me it back repaired,it was well out of warranty, I'm not sure what was wrong with it but did not cost me anything.

    i cant see them helping you

    If you took it in, what would basically happen is they would say that it only has a 12 month warranty and send you packing. If you were then to write a letter to argos they would probably, with a bit of umming and arrring do something about it. But your best bet is to send it to nintendo who will most likely, as others have suggested, repair it for free.

    I used to work there, and AFAIK they should give you a hand sending it back to Nintendo, but don't be expecting them to pay the cost of the repair. If it's user damage I assume they'd charge the same prices as if you contacted Nintendo directly.

    i work at a supermarket on customer services and we give an extra month on goodwill (discretionary) if the item is faulty might be worth asking x
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