DS Lite

Found 25th Jul 2006
Nintendo DS lite (preferably Black) Cheap as possible please :lol:

GAME's sale peed me off and i'm sure there are others who bought games and will need a system to play it on now

cheers :thumbsup:
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I'd also like to know . . I missed out earlier (Even though I pulled off an all nighter for one!)
[SIZE=2]Well looks like we are on our own folks! I had a look today but they are all so closey priced! All I can think of is to use one of the Currys/Comet voucher codes to get 'some' money off?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]E-bay is a lost cause too as the normal DS is going for silly money nevermind the lite![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Keep on truckin'[/SIZE]
Everywhere that does a discount code to get it a little cheaper - is out of stock. As soon as a good deal becomes available, it'll be in hot deals.
Ordered one from Marshall Ward and used the £20 off code. Still £80 but cheapest I can find!
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