Ds Lite

    Any ideas of where to get the cheapest ds lite with "Prof. Kawashima's: Brain Training: How old is your Brain?." Cheapest seen so far is on amazon for £109.99. Any other places to get it cheaper. No ebay please.


    You got PM


    if i were u i would by prof, kawashimas game seprate as it is very cheap £109 at amazon saves you a lot of money when you but it with a expensive game like mario bros which is £30 and kawashimas game is around £15 and ds lite is £99.99

    Dont know if there is a GAME store near you but i just bought a nintendo ds lite for my son its preowned and comes with a 1 year guarantee its immaculate and was only £59.99. Dont know much about these but was told i had found a bargain!


    I agree with sarbjeet_ on this one.

    It's a very cheap game on it's own.

    I use ] to find the cheapest price of a game.

    ASDA have it for £15.97. If you go through Quidco (if you have an account with them that is) you can get 3% cashback from them for this item:…uct

    You can get it at The Hut too, but for 2p more, but you can get 7% cashback from Quidco (again, if you have a Quidco account)…uct

    As for the console: in my copy of Nuts this week, it says ebuyer have both the black and white versions for £89.99.

    White DS Lite: ]http//ww…051

    Black DS Lite: ]http//ww…050

    Ebuyer does have a delivery charge of £3.79, but do also have 1.5% cashback from Quidco, so I make it £109.75 without any cashback.

    But with all the cashback:

    If you buy the game from Asda: £92.43 (Console) and £15.49 (Game) £ 107.92

    If you buy the game from The Hut: £92.43 (Console) and £14.87. (Game) £ 107.30

    Not much difference between them, nor compared to the Amazon package. Just depends if you want just over £2 in your pocket (just over 20p without cashback!) if you can be bothered to do it all separatley or not!

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