DS Lite Accessory (For Downloaded Games)

Found 17th Jan 2008
A month or so ago someone posted a deal for an accessory for the DS Lite which enables you to play, cough, downloaded games with little fuss.
At the time I didnt pay much notice but now 2 of the kids have got DS Lites and this gadget would be a godsend.
I've just had a search and I'll be damned if I can find this anywhere.
Does anyone know what this is and if so could you please point me in the right direction ??
Thanks in advance
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If you go to dealextreme.com you should be able to find some, there are a few options M3, R4 etc.
Sorry, dont have time to get any links right now...


Is one, but its on back order..
It was the R4Ds but if you go to Deal Extreme they are having difficulty fulfilling orders and loads seem to be waiting since before Christmas

The original link was

If you search through there were a few other places selling them which may be a better option.
Nice one mate. Thanks very much for the quick reply
i recently purchased a cyclo evolution fo rmy sons ds and oh my god it is incredible!!!

He has over 50 recent games each game in a matter of minutes.
The easiest item to use on the market. Well worth its money!
Cheers Kidcat and Hazseljord

Hazseljord are the downloads easy to come by and I'm assuming they are not very big ??
hi just pm'd you
Cheers Hazseljord just replied
if you want to get it quick, best place to buy is from addictsupplies, a bit more expensive but it gets sent to you within 2 days!
Spot on shanz cheers for that
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