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    Does anyone know a good DS lite case. There's this ( one but I don't know if it's any good. I'm not looking to pay £10~ or whatever Game charge for a case on it's own. I know Dealextreme have cheap ones but I don't know if they're good quality.


    it really depends if you need storage for headphones, cartridges, etc.

    I have been using the Hori compact pouch since day 1, it looks stylish and has plenty of storage - absolutely loving it. Recently I bought a greyish see-through case protector and I'm starting to like it more. When it comes to accessories I always buy the official ones, IMO they look nicer and have better quality. :thumbsup:

    Didn't woolies have an Official Mario one for 5 quid the other day ?

    Looking for one myself, a bit stylish, no need for any room for any carts etc (thats what M3's are for lol)

    this mario case?…8-7

    I had one of this and the bottom cover kept falling off! it's stick-on rather than click-on and I had to use some blu tack to secure it! :x But it does make the ds lite bulkier, i.e. making it easier to hold. That's why I bought a click-on case, the top and bottom covers are attached so more secured. And most importantly my thumbs don't get cramped after some intensive megaman session :thumbsup:

    woolworths have some for 4.99 and they are good, my 5 year old has one and it is quite sturdy.

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    Thanks for the replies I've ordered an official Zelda one from Japan for £5~.

    argos... r quite cheap and you get charger and kit with it

    I got a black case with spare stylusx 2, screen protecter and cleaning cloth for £4 from hmv in store last week.
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