DS Lite Cheaper than £99.99?

    Are there any deals to get a DS Lite for under £99.99?



    Got a Red one in Tesco the other day for £94 something, not much cheaper but at least you get your points as well!

    i have a 3 week old black ds lite with a clear protective case and a black carry case. £90 can post pics if need be.

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    Ordered one today from Tesco for £83.60, Thanks to the others who posted though

    Is it with voucher code? Can I know it :w00t:

    Hi , i,m very new to this site but all ready got code for marshall ward for £30.00 off order over £60.00 and got turquoise DS lite for £70.84 incl P&P. Thay have other colours too!

    Me too! Marshall Ward rocks! £70 for a new DS Lite. Very happy.

    Voucher Code is ZG430 for a £30 discount. Works for anything over £60. Enjoy!!!!!

    How long did it take for delivery THEMOSH70? Currently says "Delivery within 6 Week(s)" for a black DS!

    No white DSs left

    Hi guys,

    I have just placed order from Marshall Ward with the code ZG430 and got whopping £30 off the order.

    Could you please anyone tell me why do they say delivery time 6 weeks...? Are they going to go
    out of business soooooonnn...? mean they know they are going bust so they are gathering people's money and then do runner..........? I have used my credit card with them BTW so shouldn't be an issue with me but ...... still wondering....

    Please advise. Thanks

    Excellent post guys. Thanks alot.

    I have bought a few things now from Marshal ward/Additions Direct and each time the quoted lead time has been longer than it actually was. I ordered a sewing machine two weeks ago and was told at checkout it would arrive on January 24th, it arrived January 9th.

    If you pay on your credit card your money is safe, in most cases the items would arrive sooner than originally quoted depending on stock availability. Once your order is placed and you have a cuntomer number you can call the company and check the progress.

    £30 off is a great saving....


    I Once your order is placed and you have a cuntomer number .

    That's not nice

    some of these are back in stock again. I just bought a DS Lite Black with Delivery for the 2nd Feb for £70.64
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