DS Lite Console in Red or Crimson/Black ??

My son wants one of these for his forthcoming birthday but play.com don't seem to have them ??

Does anyone know of any other ''Reputable' sites that have these in stock??

Also if anyone is aware of any voucher codes that could help with the price too??

Thanks in anticipation.


the red and crimson aint been released yet...
If ya wait 6 days for at least the red one...


I dont know if they are releasing the crimson one in the U.K actually

]game has the Red one on pre-order for £99.99

]look here for lots of different deals for the black one with games

crimson/black on amazon:
might wanna be a bit warey as marketplace seller - but most are fine!
HMV/Zavvi seemed to have deals on involving near free game bundles which might be worth investigating (saw these in store)

If you know anyone that's going to the USA ...you can pick up a Crimson/Black one (or any other colour) from Walmart for £75 ! :thumbsup:

Bear in mind the mains charger is 110v but just buy a USB Charge cable from Dealextreme.com for about 80p. :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thanks for all your help...I have ordered from play.com !!

Can't understand why it wasn't there when I looked for one :oops:
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