ds lite deals

    i am looking for any deals for ds lite. I am finding consoles for around £100 but very few good deals. Does anyone have any ideas?


    You could try here
    I'm not saying it's a great site and not supporting it. But if you want one cheap and you're prepared to spend a bit of time trying to figure out the best way to get one, then it could be for you.
    As far as I can see it works like this:
    You pay 50p for each bid you make, and the price rises by 7p, and the clock is reset, adding 40 secs. Others can then bid. If the price goes up to £14.00, the website has made 200 x 50p = £100 already.
    It's not exactly a con, but it's clever. If you can make the right bid at the right time, then you are quids in, but others are big losers.
    You may want to ask yourself if you want to support such a site which appears to play on people's stupidity though.

    I've got some credit I need to spend in a store, can get any new one for £85 delivered if that interests you? Any colour.


    This isn't a deal as such but bargain crazy have the pink one for £99 and there is a 17.5% discount code around making it £81.50 and they have a few games too.…e=5

    Do you have a Zavvi near you?
    If yes, see my previou post ]here

    pack 1: DS lite + a game (choice of 5) for £100

    pack2: DS lite + any game + an accessory pack (not sure exactly what it includes) for £110

    Hope it helps

    Asda had an offer last week for £85 but now back to £95, saw price instore today.

    However I just bought a black console today from PC World who price matched with a deal they were aware of at £85.99 - 10% of difference from their original price of £99.99 = £85.99 - £1.40 = £84.59
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