DS Lite Deluxe accessory pack

    Am interested in buying Powerplay DS Lite Deluxe Accessory pack. Amazon is selling it for 17 quid - is there cheaper place? No eBay please


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    Oh, didn't realized that! Will do a more thorough research tomorow. Found one at LX Direct but delivery time is 4 weeks...

    Yeah check out all the codes, maybe get a £10 off and free delivery - I'll let you do the legwork on that end though

    hi i just recently ordered the same thing from empire stores usuing the £10 off code for 4.99 inc p&p

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    Interesting... Judging by the look of it, it is different pack. Anyway, tried to get delivery date for my postcode and it says "Sorry we do not deliver to your postcode". Since when Midlands became no-go area?

    yes i know it shows up as a different pack on the picture but im still waiting on the pack being delivered, september 4th they say.

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    I decided to bite the bullet and ordered it from Amazon as I need it quick. It'll be interesting to compare those packs then.

    ya i need 1 quick too because i just got my DS Lite from canada so right now i cant charge it.

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    Mine one is from the US
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