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I'm going on my hols soon & want to aquire a few DS games for my DS Lite.

Any recommendations, I havent got any for ages.



Surely this all depends on what genres you like, check out Metacritic.com for the highest rated, and newly released rated DS titles, pick the genres you like then check them out on youtube, gamespot etc etc etc.

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Handheld games that are good stand out by a mile, I havent got a "prefered" game type on the NDS, so open to suggestions to try out

If you haven't got Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, then thats always a safe bet, and Mario & Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story, both top Nintendo titles.

Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hour Glass and Spirit tracks, Mario and Luigi - Partners in time and Bowser Story, Brain training, Professor Layton, Scribblenaughts, Chrono Trigger,

The above names are probably spelled wrong but they should give you a starting point.

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Cheers guys, keep em coming

Elite Beat Agents, Ninjatown, Rhythm Paradise, Picross 3D, Eledees, Soul Bubbles, Big Bang Mini, Rune Factory, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Henry Hatsworth,
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