Ds lite games NEW OR USED

Can someone please give some advice. I brought my daughter a ds lite about 3 months ago with some new games, her birthday is coming up and she would like some more. Is it worth getting new or are used games just as good.


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I used to buy them new but not anymore unless you buy something that you cant find second hand on HUKD or that is going for silly money on Ebay.
Either way if your child is young and you get one in good condition, he most probably won't notice, and if he/she is older then is a good lesson to give where they learn to be sensible with money and you can explain that with the money saved you can do something else or save the difference on his / hers bank account...

unlike discs the cartiridge can withstand preowned batterings. there however is a post in the forum where you can buy a flash card where you can put all your games onto 1 ds game card
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