DS Lite - Homebrew games - Help needed

Does anyone know what I need to buy in order to play homebrew / back up games on a DS Lite, if anyone has the required eqiupment to sell, please let me know price etc.

Anyone else has any advise or can point me in the right direction would be appreciated!



you need a ds card that will play them.. Like an r4ds, n5ds or m3 card. You can buy them off deal extreme. Just get an micro sd card to use with it. the cheapest place at this time seems to be play.com they have a 2 gig for 6.99 delivered (and remember quidco discounts)

Or buy the games.

You need a cart, the most common ones are R4, Cyclo DS, DSTT, and Supercard etc.

Your best bet is to read up on them first, here's some reviews:


Then once you've decided which one you are after, you can either buy one from a UK retailer, or get one from someone on here. They come available reguarly in the "For Sale/Trade" forum daily. Expect to pay £15-£30 for one, price is dependant on the card supplied, and whether it needs, or includes a "Micro SD" card.

Most of them take a Micro SD card, I would get at least a 2gb one(£7 from play.com), as a 1gb one fills up extremely quickly.

Ask a question in ]THIS thread, as it would be best if we could keep all the information in the one thread

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Thanks for your help!

Does anyone know how to get ScummVM on the DS? Got an R4 cartridge, so if theres a site explaining how to put the app on it would be much appreciated lol

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