DS Lite - repair help needed

    My kid's DS Lite was broken when it fell on the floor and I had to replace case/shell.
    After I replaced the case, I realized that lower screen's touch function doesn't work anymore.
    The screen itself works fine, but it is not touchscreen anymore.

    Does anyone know how to fix the thing?


    i sent mine back to mintendo to be fixed hun and they replaced it.
    try mailing them.
    jen xx


    that what i did they have repair 2 free of charge [email protected] i think thats right

    Original Poster


    Mine is almost 2 years old and it was bought in the US. Do you think Nintendo would fix it?

    ]danby jason

    Sorry don't get it - they repaired out of warranty DS free of charge? Or was it warranty repair?

    i think mine was in warrenty but it is worth contcting them about it.

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    OK Thanks, I'll give'em a call on Monday.

    They wont do it on warrenty now that you have taken it apart (you have voided it).
    If u disconnect the touch screen when replacing the shell are you shore you plugged it back in properly?
    If you didnt, make sure you alligned all the "plastic" screen bits right, as if they are slightly out of line or put in upside down, the touch screen wont work as they have metal strips on them which somehow make the touchscreen work....

    If it still dosnt work you could always buy a new touch screen, there just over £10 i think. plus the replacements are far nicer as they dont have all the different plastic bits (just one solid touch pad)

    Good luck,
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