DS Lite replacement case/shell - where from?

    My kids managed to broke one of the hinges in their DS Lite. Where can I get cheap good quality case/housing/shell/whateveritcalled?
    Found one on DealExtreme for what seems to be a reasonable price:…696

    Is this price any good? Is DealExtreme reputable company?

    I prefer to deal with UK company, TBH - is there good reputable seller that can sell such casing?


    I've bought a fair few bits and bobs from DealExtreme. The only thing I would say about them is slllllooooooooooowwwwwwwww.

    They're great if you don't want something in a hurry.

    Do or have anything similar?

    One of the beauties of DealExtreme too is that the shipping is free.

    If its a broken hinge, you might be able to get it replaced free via nintendo or swapped at the store you purchased it from. Early DS's had hinge problems which nintendo say they rectified but even some new models still break at the hinge. I have replaced two DS's myself one with Game Station and one with nintendo.

    ]News article.

    ]News article 2

    Original Poster

    No, the other two stores you mentioned do not have replacement cases unfortunately.
    How slow DealExtreme are? They mention 2 weeks for delivery - is it slower than that?
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